Everything You Need to Know About Managed Services

Everything You Need to Know About Managed Services


Time. Money. Effort.

These three factors are the main components that drive businesses in today’s competitive and ever-changing marketplace. These are the most expensive assets a business can have, so maximizing them is the best strategy.

This is the reason why outsourcing and managed services have become prevalent these days. These business models offers a way to optimize all these three factors simultaneously. Managed services, in particular, allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing without having to do the heavy lifting.

What is Managed Services?

Managed services is becoming an outsourcing trend for businesses around the world who wants to set up an office in another country, such as the Philippines. The reason behind this arrangement could be lower labor cost, access to skilled talents, or expansion.

Managed services is more than just setting up an office for your team. It’s about managing everything and making sure that your team can productively and smoothly carry out its tasks to achieve your business goals.

This offshoring solutions provides the flexibility that you need to adapt quickly to the always-changing market conditions.

What do you get with managed services?

First, your offshore team will have access to a fitted and furnished office space in a conducive business environment. You don’t have to worry about setting up internet connection and other utilities because all these will be included in the occupancy deal. Most managed offices are also equipped with office furniture, conference rooms, pantry, and other areas necessary for the running of the team.

What makes managed services different from other office solutions is the management aspect. The managed service provider handles the administrative tasks that your team may need. These tasks may include reception duties, answering services, customer support, secretarial support, payroll services, and others.

Here are some of the benefits of managed services:

  • Cost savings. You don’t have to worry about initial set-up costs because most managed offices are already set up.
  • Flexibility. You can avail of the service on a per-need basis. Although contracts may last for several months, at least it won’t be as permanent as traditional office settings.
  • Efficiency. Running an offshore team means dealing with legalities and restrictions imposed on foreign companies. Availing of managed services does away with all the red tape because everything will be taken cared of by the service provider.
  • Reliable business support services. You don’t have to worry about business services that your team might need. Managed service providers can arrange all that for you. They could arrange accounting services, travel arrangements, HR support, and other services you might need.

The rise of managed services seems to be fundamentally driven by the need for flexible and efficient business solutions in a rapidly changing environment. As outsourcing becomes popular, more businesses are seeking ways to maximize this business model, and managed services turns out be a leaner option for companies of all sizes from different industries.

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