Things to Consider When Outsourcing Content Marketing

Things to Consider When Outsourcing Content Marketing

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Content marketing needs massive work.

If you really want to engage your audience through your content, you need to put out a lot of blog posts, social media posts, landing page, email blasts, and so on. You need an entire team to run your content marketing machine and produce significant results.

For businesses that do not have the expertise, resources, or manpower to do content marketing, outsourcing is the answer. Some businesses choose to outsource some of their content marketing tasks to other people while other choose to hand over their entire content marketing needs for their outsourcing partners to handle.

However, the main thing businesses should keep in mind when outsourcing is to maintain quality.

Here are some things you need to consider when deciding to outsource content marketing so that you get what you actually need.

Know what you need and what to outsource.

As mentioned above, you can choose to outsource your entire content marketing — from planning to content creation and design to analytics. Or you can choose to outsource just a part of the process. Your decision boils to what you need.

Here’s a tip: develop a content marketing strategy first then assess what skills and resources you have on your team. This way, you’ll know what you’re missing and you can choose to outsource them.

Assess your content marketing ROI.

Do your writers spend a long time crafting blog posts for your website? Are your social media posts not eliciting engagement or reactions from your audience? Assess each aspect of your content marketing process and see which ones have lower ROI. Those aspects that your team can’t handle efficiently would be better off outsourced. You can find experts to handle these aspects instead of costing your team money, time, and stress.

Look out for current trends.

The best way to maintain the quality of your outsourced content is to know what the current trends are. Make sure that your content is relevant to what’s currently happening in the industry, the news, and what people are interested in.

You also need to ensure that you are using the most current and trendy platforms for social media, blogs, and other sites your customers frequently visit. It is also critical to know which of the tools are effective and can be used by your marketing team.

Set a company style guide.

The key to effective content marketing is consistency. Your content needs to have the same voice, same message, same branding, same structure, and same tone for all platforms.

Creating a company style guide should serve as a guide for when you outsource your creatives. It would provide clear instructions on what you want to achieve for your content. This way, your outsourced content will be compatible with your style and will fit right in with the rest of your content.

Use metrics.

It is easier to measure quality if you set up metrics that you can measure. For example, include information like character count, number of links and images, etc. These instructions make it easy for your writers to comply with and maintain the quality of your content.

But the most important tip of all, keep your communication lines open. Outsourcing work can be stressful, but it can be worse when the output is not what you expected it to be. To avoid disappointments, give clear instructions to your writers and let them know where to reach you should they have any questions.

When done right, outsourcing your content marketing can contribute a lot to your overall marketing game.

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