What Should You Have on Your Website?

What Should You Have on Your Website?

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Once you get your website right, it will do all the hard work for you.

It will generate new customers, clients and sales. It’s often the first impression your business makes, so there’s a lot at stake when it comes to building your website.

But what should you include your website and how should you set it up?

Introduce yourself.

Your first task is introducing yourself to new customers or visitors to your site.

This is called your “value proposition.” In a nutshell, it tells visitors who you are, what you do and why they should trust you. As a new business, you’ve got to build trust and make a connection quickly.

Check your website speed.

Website load speed might seem like a small detail, but you’ll be amazed at the difference a few seconds make.

Consider this: eighty three percent of all internet users expect your website to load in three seconds or less.

If it takes longer than that, most will leave your website and look elsewhere. Do you know how long your website takes to load? If you think your site might be too slow, it could be time to check out a new, faster web host. Load speed starts your web server, which is your engine.

Invest on web design.

Visitors tend to make immediate judgement about your website (and your business) based on your design alone. If you’ve thrown together a quick site from a template, the site can often seem amateur and unprofessional.

On the other hand, a well-designed website with a professional logo and high quality images can inspire trust in your visitors. Even the colors you choose can have a big impact on how people respond to your website, and therefore your business.

Make sure it works on a mobile device.

In 2017, it’s essential that your website functions correctly on a mobile device. More internet users access the web on a tablet or smartphone than on a PC or laptop. It’s no longer enough to function on desktops alone.

Most website builders now offer designs and themes that are responsive. In other words, they automatically snap-to-fit no matter which device is used to access the site.

Create a contact page.

This might seem like an obvious detail, you’d be surprised how many websites are launched without an adequate contact page.

If possible, I suggest avoiding the typical contact us form. Numerous blogs have shown that web users don’t actually trust them. Instead, give people a clear and obvious email address to contact.

Most importantly, offer a lot of content.

Actionable, engaging content is great for keeping visitors on your website. Getting them engaged, informing them and entertaining them is all part of the nurturing experience.

If you can introduce them to free content, they’re much more likely to engage and connect with you. Not only that, but content is great for boosting your rank on Google. It also extends your reach when visitors share and interact with your content.

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