Paid Search vs Paid Social

When it comes to digital marketing, advertising is the most effective and efficient way to target your audience and get your message across. It has become a lot easier to engage with potential customers by reaching out to them via Facebook ads, Google ads, and other types of ads. However,

What You Need to Consider Before Outsourcing Accounting to the Philippines

In today’s dynamic and modern business culture, the concept of outsourcing various processes and services is one of the most strategic ways of growing a business. Organizations are outsourcing multiple services, or a whole department, in some cases, to save on the cost of hiring in-house employees. Accounting and bookkeeping

What Should You Have on Your Website?

Once you get your website right, it will do all the hard work for you. It will generate new customers, clients and sales. It’s often the first impression your business makes, so there’s a lot at stake when it comes to building your website. But what should you include your

Social Media as a Lead Generation Tool

Social media, right now, is more than just about posting your message and reaching out to your followers. Its role has evolved from being a simple communication channel to a very powerful marketing platform. You’ve probably heard about various ways to do marketing on social media, but do you know

5 Valuable Tips to Level Up Your Customer Service

People say that customers are always right. Although there are some people who might disagree, but you can’t deny the fact that customers are the core of every business and should be the top priority. They have the power to make or break your business. According to research, 77% of


Here is the last part of our series of lead generation strategies to supercharge your marketing in 2020. The first part of the article discussed newer strategies that are working now and will continue to work in the near future. The second part of our list of lead gen techniques

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