5 Critical Skills of a Data Entry Specialist

5 Critical Skills of a Data Entry Specialist

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Data entry job is one of the most in demand tasks ever since outsourcing has been invented. The increasing amount of data that needs to be processed has made data entry a crucial part of every business operation.

The ushering of the digital age has also created the need for organizations and businesses to transform their data from hard copy to digital. Sales reports, numbers, and other documents in paper had to be encoded in digital format for easier and faster data processing. Doing this requires a lot of work hours. And this is not something businesses can afford.

Hiring an in-house employee to do the data entry tasks can be expensive because of the work benefits given to typical in-house employees, such as medical, insurance, and leaves. To save on expenses and ensure quality data processing output, most businesses choose to outsource this task to data entry specialists. Not only are they able to save time, but the accuracy of the processed data is also assured because data entry specialists have their own system in processing, entering and archiving data.

But when choosing a data entry specialist for the job, not just anyone will do. You need to find a specific skill set to get the job done accurately and correctly. Finding the perfect data entry specialist can help you cut down on administrative burdens, save money, and ensure that your resources are focused on other core tasks. You will also benefit from improvements in operational accuracy and maximum use of relevant technology.

Here are some of the most important skills you should look for when choosing a data entry specialist.

1. Software knowledge.

To become a successful data entry specialist, one should be well versed in basic software, such as word processors, database, CRM, spreadsheets, and other record management software. Some employers are also looking for data entry specialists who have experience in using popular data entry software, including Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, WinTask, VDE+Images, Unibase, SPSS, EpiInfo, and others. 

2. Excellent Written and Communication Skills.

Due to the remote nature of the work and that most clients are located abroad, data entry specialists need to be able to communicate well in both within and outside the team. Hence, data entry specialists should have good written and verbal communication skills to communicate with clients, coordinate with team members, understand instructions, provide clear feedback, and create reports. As much as possible, the data entry specialist should have good English skills since most of the clients are based in the US, UK, Australia, or other English speaking countries.

3. Fast Typing Speed.

Data entry is a job that requires a lot of typing. Data entry specialists should be able to type in as much data as they can in a short amount of time. They should be comfortable with all forms of data entry devices and other equipment needed to get the job done, such as the keyboard, scanners, mouse, etc. The average typing speed employers are looking for around the world is about 40 to 50 words per minute.

4. High Levels of Concentration.

Data entry involves repetitive, time-consuming, and boring tasks. Data specialists have to spend a lot of time doing the same task over and over again. This type of job requires data specialists to have a high level of concentration and a lot of patience. Without this, the task would yield poor quality output and costly errors.

5. Excellent Typing Skills.

Aside from having great typing speed, being accurate is also important when doing data entry tasks. Mistakes should be avoided at all times because it could lead to some nasty consequences. Data entry tasks vary from business to business, and usually involves complex codes, sensitive personal information, important details, and other data that needs to be accurately typed in.


These are the basic characteristics you should look for in a data entry specialist. Aside from these skills, you also need to gauge the candidate’s professional experience and expertise in the software you are using.

There are a lot of data entry specialists that outsource their services today. However, if you want to save time screening applicants and ensure you choose the best candidate from a pool of experienced and skilled data entry specialists, working with a reliable outsourcing partner, such as Online Officer, can save you from a lot of trouble.

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