Common Outsourcing Misconceptions Every Business Should Know

Common Outsourcing Misconceptions Every Business Should Know

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Outsourcing has become a common trend in the business world today. Almost everybody is doing it in some way or another. Whether you have a virtual helping get your tasks done or you’re working with a whole virtual team to handle a majority of your business processes, you’re sure to benefit from this trend — if done right.

Some people jump into the outsourcing bandwagon without a clear understanding of what it’s all about and how it works. They only know about the benefits this setup could bring them. While outsourcing has many benefits, it is also important to know how to implement this strategy and what you need to do should you encounter some challenges.

Here are some common misconceptions regarding outsourcing that every business owner should think about. Getting the wrong information can directly impact how you implement outsourcing and how much benefits you can get from it.

Misconception #1: Outsourcing is cheap.

It is true that outsourcing can help you save money compared to hiring a full-time employee. But this doesn’t mean that you should be cheap. Going with the lowest rate comes with a high cost: poor work quality. In simple terms, you get what you pay for. If you really want high quality work, you need to be prepared to pay for it. The cost, however, is still lower compared to hiring an in-house employee.

The trick here is to create budget and stick to it. Do not compromise quality just to cut on your expenses.

Misconception #2: Outsourced VAs or teams know what to do.

Many business owners think that the person or team they are outsourcing their tasks to already know what to do. However, you have to understand that even though they have the knowledge and skills to complete the tasks, they still need training and guidance during the initial phase. You need to clearly state what you need to accomplish and the outsourced VA or team need some time to familiarise themselves with your business.

Whether you’re hiring in-house or outsourcing, all people who works with your business should undergo training to ensure consistency and quality of work.

Misconception #3: Outsourcing means poor quality.

Some businesses expect low quality work from their outsourcing partner because outsourced VAs and teams don’t have complete knowledge about the product or service being outsourced. Well, that’s the exact opposite in most cases. On the contrary, a lot of businesses turn to outsourcing to seek professional services. Outsourcing gives businesses the opportunity to choose from a diversified talent pool with expert skills and knowledge.

Outsourcing companies also have their own set of quality checks and regulations to ensure they produce the best results for their clients.

Misconception #4: Outsourcing is for big companies only.

Businesses think that outsourcing is only for those large enterprises with the resources and budget to take their operations offshore. However, there are different types of outsourcing opportunities available for every type of business, even startups and SMEs. Most outsourcing providers offer customised outsourcing plans to cater to a business’ specific needs.

Make sure to discuss with your outsourcing partner your objectives and what tasks you want to outsource so they know exactly how to help you.

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