Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business


Effective lead generation is a vital part of a marketing strategy. Continuously evaluating what works and what doesn’t is important if you want to position your business for success. To be effective, lead generation efforts must do more than check off points on a list. An effective approach recognises that testing, evaluation and regular optimisation of the current toolset is required to continually drive high traffic and generate high-value leads.

Check out below some key strategies you can apply to improve lead generation and engage the right target audience.

1. Create and Promote High Quality Content

The essence of creating compelling content is what delivers value and makes it stand out among the crowd. This type of strategy should not be underestimated since content is still considered the cream of the crop in digital marketing. Your content can be in the form of blogs, website, social posts, guides, and videos. Ensure that it delivers value to your targeted audience.

2. Utilise Videos in Your Content

Creating high quality video content is not easy. However, it is one of the most effective approach in attracting your audience.  You can create webinars, case studies, and social media clips to promote to your target audience. What’s good with videos is that it’s applicable at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Videos are effective as a brief introduction to other types of content. It can capture attention, generate trust, and build personalised relationships. This is most important when sales and conversions are involved.

3. Laser Target Audience for Content Promotion

In lead generation, volume is not necessarily the top priority but rather quality. It’s important to focus on generating leads who are the right fit on your ideal buyer profile.

Promoting your content across the right networks to target those ideal buyers is important if you are to increase relevant traffic and leads. Consider these promotional strategies:

  • Social promotion that can be both paid and organic
  • Adwords Remarketing Tools
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • On-site Chat Bots
  • Programmatic Content Promotion

4. Conversion Tools and Lead Capture

What’s your technique in converting the visitors that land on your site? You must consider how easy it is for quality visitors to convert.

Over the recent years, lead capture forms, such as those located in landing pages promoting relevant content, were an effective way to generate leads. However, today, visitors often click away before completing a form to access content.

5. Workflows and Sequences

Following up with the right content, for the target audience, at the right time is a crucial aspect of effective lead nurture. Both the marketing and sales team should be actively participating in the process.  Nurture helps to move a lead further through a funnel.

Automating content nurture with marketing workflows, and later down the line, with sals sequence mails should be a central part of any good nurture process.

The need to focus on lead generation  strategies has never been so important. It plays a part in every company’s marketing strategy. To make it effective, you need to keep abreast of the changing trends and adapt where possible.

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