Why You Need to Hire a Lead Generation Specialist

Why You Need to Hire a Lead Generation Specialist

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If you’re a B2B business, most of your conversation probably revolves around leads. Why do you publish engaging content on your website and all over the internet? To build your authority, gain readers’ trust, and hopefully convert some of them into leads.

Why do you engage with communitys on social media? To introduce your business and build a solid online presence, then generate leads in the long run.

This does not mean that your marketing techniques have no merit — they do. Content marketing and social media marketing are two powerful tools of every business. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the need for paying customers.

Lead generation is a critical part of the marketing process that every business should invest in. In fact, 53% of marketers spend more than half of their marketing budget on lead generation, a study revealed.

Unfortunately, that same study found out that 64% of the leads generated by their Marketing team only accounts for 25% of the total revenue. The numbers are too low that it makes the effort ineffective. This means that you could be doing something wrong or your strategy does not suit your business. Hence, you need outside help.

What is a lead generation specialist?

If you want to improve lead quality and get better results, hiring a lead generation specialist is a wise option. Don’t confuse this role with others, because the job of a lead generation specialists focuses on two things:

  • Calling leads to ensure that they meet the requirements necessary to elicit a sales call.
  • Researching leads that meet the requirements and engaging them in order to qualify them for sales.

Both roles are important in the lead flow process because they ensure the quality of the lead and nurture them.

How Outsourcing Lead Generation Can Help

One of your options is to do lead generation marketing in-house. You can invest in a team to do the calling and lead verification for you. But, as mentioned in earlier study, most of these efforts are not effective. It could be because you’re not using the latest technique or your team doesn’t have the right skills for the job.

If you want to improve lead generation, you can outsource the task to a lead generation agency or other third-party service providers. Outsourcing lead generation is more cost-effective than hiring an employee or team in-house because it limits your fixed costs. The risk is much smaller as well. If your outsourcing partner is not delivering as you expected, you can simply cancel the contract.

  • Outsourcing lead generation is usually beneficial in these scenarios:
  • When you need to verify contact information of a substantial volume of leads coming in
  • When you need to qualify leads via telemarketing and data verification software.
  • When you need to setting appointments for your sales team so they have more time to spend on selling

These are the general services that most lead gen vendors offer that cover the responsibilities of a lead generation specialist. Outsourcing lead generation is more practical these days because it can help businesses savev time, money and other resources, which is one of the biggest reason of in-house team’s lack of success.

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