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Advantages of Back-Office Outsourcing

Though the specific back-office needs of each company may vary according to size and industry, there are many general advantages of outsourcing to your back-office needs that are common to virtually every sizable company. These include important administrative functions like accounting, data entry, order processing, data collection, market research, and much more. At first, administrative …

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Costly Outsourcing Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

Outsourcing is a popular trend right now. Once limited to big brands and corporations, outsourcing has now become a strategic tool even for small and medium-sized businesses, particularly startups.  However, the outsourcing experience varies from one business to another. For example, some businesses outsource specific tasks such as payroll or customer service, while other businesses …

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Advantages of Telemarketing for Small Businesses

Telemarketing is probably one of the oldest marketing techniques employed by businesses, big and small. It involves reaching out to potential clients specifically via phone to offer your services, conduct a survey, do after-sales service, or request feedback. Telemarketing is a direct marketing technique also known as inside sales or telesales. A telemarketer calls the …

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