Best Ways To Win Customers For Your Business For Life

Best Ways To Win Customers For Your Business For Life

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Today, customer service is already part of the overall marketing strategy and it should not be something to underestimate. 

For companies and established businesses, probably have a dedicated team to address customer concerns but small businesses with limited funds, probably are still trying to figure out how to manage customer service. 

However, there are still ways to keep customer loyalty and deliver excellent customer service. Remember it contributes to business success so it should be a priority. 

Top 5 Killer Ways to Win Customers for Life

1. Personalised Customer Experience

Make it a habit or automate your system to send personalized messages to your customers whenever they make a purchase or book a service from your business. Chances are customers will appreciate the little touch you add, creating a good impression of your business.

If you aim for brand loyalty, this is a great way to do it.

Your personalized message should contain the name of your customer, of course. You can also use their native language as per the information provided when they signed up.

Also, it is best if you use a friendly, informal, or familiar tone in your writing style; create and use personalized email when sending out confirmations of purchase, newsletters, and other content.

In this digital era, you will stand-out if you still use some old-fashioned marketing tactics.

Moreover, it can be an added touch if the CEO or business owner put an e-signature under the message. 

Aside from thanking you notes, confirmation messages, you can also send out holiday cards, exclusive announcements, and other messages that will keep your customers and followers engaged. 

On the other hand, you can also personalize the customer purchase experience through packaging and printed cards sent out to your customers together with the products they purchased. 

2. Provide Fast and Reliable Customer Support

In a digital marketing era, customers expect quick and decent responses when they encounter a problem related to your products and services.

They also will appreciate a reliable answer whenever a question about your brand, use of products, bookings, etc. Also, they will get a better impression of your business if reaching your customer support is convenient and efficient. 

People today are busy and they don’t usually get to enjoy a lot of free time. Thus, having to spend several minutes, sometimes hours dealing with customer support can seriously harm customer satisfaction levels. Your customers think that their concerns are not being heard if you forget to reply or send an acknowledgment. 

Recent surveys across the US reveal that online adults claim that they appreciate if the brand they purchase from or do business with can offer them great customer service because they see it as a “value of their time.”

Aside from your website and your contact number, the immediate connection you have with your customers is through social media, therefore, they will use it to reach you and expect to be accommodated. 

When customers contact you through social media their aim is either to ask for support, leave a complaint, or ask a question. Most customers are using social media because it is easy and convenient and they expect a fast response, unlike sending a formal email detailing the concern or dialing you up, waiting in line. 

According to several surveys, more or less 42% of your consumers expect a response from your brand within an hour or less once they send their concern. Meanwhile, 32% which is still a big number, expect a response within 30 minutes. 

On the other hand, other customers post their concerns in public using their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. If you fail to accommodate immediately, your customers will likely discuss their concerns with their friends and social media followers. If they have a negative concern about your brand or business, posting it on social media can give a bad impression of your brand. 

Take note that on Facebook, your followers can see if you are online or not. Therefore, they know if you are ignoring their messages. 

Overall, it’s in your best interest to either have an employee or an outsourced customer service team focused only on tracking and responding to this task.

3. Offer 24/7 Customer Support

The importance of immediate and quick response was already established. How can you accommodate a customer beyond office or business hours? Thus, the need for a 24/7 chat or customer support especially if you cater to a wider audience and different time zones. 

You can outsource customer service support to make the 24/7 covered. You can seek assistance from outsourcing companies in the Philippines which is dubbed to be the best country to do business process outsourcing. 

Your website is open 24/7 and customers have the liberty of time to purchase your products and book your services so it is just right to accommodate them any time of the day.

Excellent Customer Service - Best Ways To Win Customers For Your Business For Life

4. Utilize Different Marketing Channels

If you want to strengthen your customer brand loyalty, you need to be present across all channels your prospects and existing customers are present. Diversifying your channels can give you more opportunities to grow and expand. 

You have to be present and give the customer support within the channel so you never overlook concerns from your customers. 

5. Be Creative with Marketing

You can level up your customer experience and brand loyalty by being more creative with your marketing tactics. Customers tend to be more engaged and loyal when they have more unique and shareable experiences. A well-planned marketing campaign targeted at a particular audience can improve brand loyalty. 

You can provide relevant and high-quality blogs, articles, infographics, and other types of content that will keep your audience around. 


Customer service outsourcing is a good investment for any business, whether big or small. Customer satisfaction and loyalty will provide you with great benefits similar to technical online marketing techniques. 

Online Officer provides top-notch outsourced customer service at a fair price. Send us a message to discuss what is best for your business. 

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