Tips for Successful Data Entry Outsourcing

Tips for Successful Data Entry Outsourcing

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Data entry takes up, not only valuable employee’s time but other company resources as well. Because of this, a lot of companies choose to outsource their data entry tasks or projects to offshore partners or data entry specialists. Outsourcing data entry also helps save money and other overhead expenses.

The only problem with outsourcing is that you don’t have control over the quality of the output. Any mistake with the processing of data can compromise the value of your company’s database and lead to wasted time and money. Plus, you also have to consider the security of the data being handled by the outsourcing partner.

To help your company transition to outsourcing smoothly and effectively, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

1. Analyze the level of cost-benefit.

Before you even think about outsourcing your data entry, you need to determine first whether it will actually save you money, and by how much. To do this, you have to check how much it costs to do the data entry in-house. Factor in the salary, equipment and utilities cost, training, employee benefits, and other expenses you have to pay when hiring an in-house staff. Now reach out to various data entry outsourcing companies and get a quote for the project or tasks you have in mind.

Compare the two scenarios and determine which would bring you more savings. However, it has been proven, time and again, that outsourcing provides significant cost benefit. Online Officer, for example, offers data entry services for as low as AU $5 per hour, which can be considered one of the most affordable rates in the industry

2. Address your security concerns.

Outsourcing your data entry jobs means that someone will else will access and process your data. If not done right, you could be looking at a possible data disaster, especially during these times when cybercrime is becoming rampant. To make sure that your data remains safe and private, you need to find out what security measures your outsourcing partner implements and whether these security layers are enough to keep your data safe. You need to ensure that the outsourcing provider adheres to the latest security standards and this is something that should not be compromised.

3. Evaluate your data entry needs.

In order to get the right services from your outsourcing provider, they need to know what you need in the first place. This helps them create a strategy that could accommodate your needs, reduce mistakes, and minimize the back-and-forth instructions. Having clear instructions streamlines the entire data outsourcing process and maximize both sides’ resources. For this, you need to understand the volume of data that you handle on a regular basis and how quickly your business will need access to this data. You need to coordinate with the outsourcing provider whether they can accommodate your required data volume and how it will be transmitted.

4. Go with customized solutions.

Every business has different needs. What works well for another company may not work for you, even if you belong to the same industry. If you have specific needs, make sure you communicate it you’re your outsourcing provider and see if they provide customized services, so that they can tailor their processes to accommodate yours.

If an outsourcing provider only offers ready-made services, this could mean that they lack technical capabilities and it would be a good idea to cross off these vendors from your list. Look for outsourcing providers who cater to clients in various industries. This means that they have the skillset and infrastructure necessary to adapt to a wide range of business needs.

5. Determine the turnaround time.

What good will your data be if you won’t be able to use it when you need it? Hence, you need to work with an outsourcing company that is able to deliver your required results on or ahead of schedule. Look into their turnaround times for other projects to give you an idea of how fast they can deliver.

Wrapping Up

Data entry sourcing, done right, could help you save money and resources. The tips above should help you do data entry outsourcing the right way.

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