5 Skills You Need to Look For in a Digital Marketer

5 Skills You Need to Look For in a Digital Marketer

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Digital marketing is not a new marketing channel for businesses. We all use digital marketing techniques somehow, and you might not even be aware you’re doing it. If you’re regularly sending emails to your customers —that’s email marketing. If you’re using social media to connect with your followers — that’s part of digital marketing. If you’re updating your website with new content — that’s content marketing, a subset of digital marketing.

But most of the time, we’re not tapping enough into the endless opportunities digital marketing has to offer. What we’re uncovering is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, you need someone to manage it full time. You might need to train a dedicated staff to handle your digital marketing, or you can outsource it to a digital marketing expert who has the experience and skills that you need.

If you decide to hire out, make sure to watch out for this set of skills that would be necessary to complete your digital marketing tasks:

Paid social media expertise.

Organic reach has become almost impossible to achieve, that’s why most businesses are now relying on paid advertisements. So if you’re looking for a digital marketer, look for someone who knows how to run (and get results from) paid social media advertising, particularly Facebook. You want someone who knows how to use the tools, how to target the right market, and how to write the right message to your customers. Most of all, you want someone who knows how to measure the results.

Expertise in niche channels.

We see a lot of marketers promoting their skills and experience on every conceivable marketing channel —social media, email, SEO, SEM, content, etc. But this might now work for you. Dabbling into multiple digital marketing channels can even be detrimental to your campaign. The key here is to focus on a few channels where your customers frequent, then use them really well.

Understanding the sales funnel.

All your marketing will go to waste if you don’t know what the sales funnel is and how to use it. You need to understand where your potential customers are in the buying journey and how you can convert them into buying customers. By understanding the funnel, you’ll be able to craft more effective content and strategy to increase conversions.

Creativity and analytical thinking.

Digital marketing needs both creative thinking and analytical abilities. So make sure to look for someone who is capable of both. You want someone who can create beautiful campaigns and at the same time understand the numbers and ideas behind these campaigns.

Storytelling activities.

Customers, these days, don’t want to be pitched on. They want stories. So you need someone who is good with words and come up with stories that your customers will relate to. Your digital marketer doesn’t have to be wordy. The trick here is finding the right words with a mix of humor and other interesting details, to get your customer’s attention. Once you got the right person, winning the hearts of your market is a done deal.


Finding the right digital marketer can be exhausting. But as long as you follow this guide and find yourself a pool of qualified candidates, you’ll definitely find the perfect one for you.

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