Digital Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

Digital Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

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 The COVID-19 crisis has affected hundreds of countries, infected more than 300,000 people, and caused more than 13,000 deaths all over the world. This pandemic is considered one of the worst health emergencies in the modern times, even more fatal than the deadly SARS outbreak of 2003. Because of this current pandemic, people are shut inside their homes, transportation is crippled, businesses are closed, and the streets are empty. Basically, life is at a standstill while the world waits for the virus to die out.

But just because the world is on pause, it doesn’t mean that your business has to stop growing as well. Finance experts have predicted that a major recession is more likely to happen after all this has come to pass. The virus that started in China later in 2019 is going to cause huge consequences for all major economies with the flight cancellations, panic buying, and strict quarantine policies in some cases.

According to the  Institute for International Finance (IIF), an association of financial institutions, a global recession is now all but certain, and the gross domestic product (GDP) could be as low as 1% this year. Last year’s GDP was 2.9%. Nomura economists have also warned that a global recession might be inevitable because of this abnormal global economic slump.

With more people working from home, taking less trips on public transport, and staying away from public spaces, such as museums, malls, restaurants, and movie theaters, businesses are sure to take a huge hit.

Because of this, businesses should start preparing, as early as now, on how to handle this looming recession.

Marketing Amidst COVID-19

The most effective way to make sure your business stays afloat is to have a solid marketing strategy in these times of crisis. When the people are out of their quarantine and they start going back to their daily lives, they will resume their purchases and subscriptions. Are you ready for that? How do you compete with other businesses who are just as eager as you to make a sale? How do you convince people to  patronize your small brand instead of the bigger brands?

Marketing is a very important way of staying relevant, no matter what kind of period we are in. Whether we’re celebrating the holidays or in the middle of an economic crisis, marketing plays a huge part in making sure that people remember you because they will most probably buy from businesses they are familiar with.

There are several ways you can use marketing to your advantage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since social distancing and strict quarantine protocols are being implemented, you cannot rely on physical advertisements to promote your brand. This how digital marketing saves the day. Because people are at home and can’t go out, the only way to reach them is through online marketing.

Here are some digital marketing strategies you can employ to get your business ready for the aftermath of this crisis:

Social Media Marketing

One of the advantages of social media marketing is that you don’t have to do much to reach a large number of people. Most people are on social media, especially right now when they nothing else to do. No work, no classes, no businesses, no trips, nothing. People are just at home watching TV or on their phones. This is a good opportunity to reach out to them and introduce your brand. Don’t sell anything.

This is not the time to shove your product or services to their faces. Remember, we’re having a crisis right now. You can craft a simple and tactful message to your target audience. For example, you can post reminders on what people should do during this pandemic. Or you can post about the simple efforts your company has done to help people in this time of need.

Search Engine Optimization

This is also a good idea to ramp up your SEO efforts. You can work on your onsite SEO metrics, as well improve your brand’s authority through link building. Here are some SEO tasks you can carry out to boost your visibility in the SERPs:

  • Guest posting – You can reach out to authority websites and offer high-quality articles in exchange for a link back to your website. Not only will you be improving your website’s DA, especially if you’re linking from a higher ranked website, you will also be driving additional traffic to your website. And if you do this consistently, imagine how much traffic you’ll get after the campaign.
  • Directory submission – This may seem like a bit outdated, but it still works. Online directories can also help build up your credibility and authority. It is a good way of telling people about your online presence.
  • Resource links – A resource page is like a guide that was created or compiled for your target audience. It is one of the types of content that are sure to drive traffic to your website and generate quality links. Several authority websites and blogs, such as Forbes, Copyblogger, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and Jeff Bullas have their own resource pages that you could tap into when you’re creating yours.

If a leading website in your niche has created a list of blogs related to your industry, their visitors will be able to find what they’re looking for easily. Here are some examples you can try: 10 Top (Your Niche) Blogs That Will Make You More Money or 50 Best (Your Niche) Blogs You Didn’t Know Existed.


Digital marketing is best, and probably the most effective way to reach your target audience in this time of crisis. People have nothing to do, they’re cooped up inside their homes, and they all have mobile devices or computers connected to the internet. However, since this is a sensitive time, you must be extra careful of what you post online. Review your message several times and consider what the impact of your post will be. In everything you do, be tactful.

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