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All hours are paid on regular hourly rate.

There is no required Sick or Vacation Leave credit to give to staff. However, it is much appreciated to give this benefit for long term staff as they work for you permanently.

No Overtime Pay. All hours are paid at a regular rate.

Yes, we will refund unconsumed credit in 2 weeks.


We cover all the recruitment cost, so there is no money involved to start.

We source candidates based on your manpower need. Usually 1 year experienced staff but can be changed based on your requirement. But one thing is for sure, they must be good in English and we require they have an office space at home.

Give us 3-5 days, but again it depends on the job requirement.

Freelancers often work on multiple projects and you work with them on your own without any support. You are not able to monitor them properly due to lack of system to use and nothing to go to if you have issues.

We at Online Officer, work with your staff to make sure you only pay what they have worked for. You get the value of your money. We make sure they are only working for your project in the hours they are supposed to work for you. We review and validate logged hours prior to payroll.


Our team in Manila, Philippines will be helping you to monitor your staff. We appreciate your feedback regularly and we will help with coaching the staff to improve.

You may terminate anytime within 6 months, and 2 weeks’ notice after.

We require each contractor to have a quiet office space and at least 2mbps and a back-up internet connection.

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