Everything You Need to Know About Managed Services

Everything You Need to Know About Managed Services

managed services - Everything You Need to Know About Managed Services

Time, money, and effort are the most expensive assets for a business but these are also the main components that drive businesses in today’s competitive and ever-changing marketplace but after a huge blow in the world economy, maximizing them is the best strategy.

This is one of the reasons why managed services and outsourcing have become prevalent these days. In particular, a managed service provider offers services to optimize these three components simultaneously while managed services (MS) is the activity that allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing without having to do the heavy lifting.

What is Managed Services?

Providing managed services is becoming a trend for businesses around the world who want to set up an office in a remote environment. Managed services take on complete responsibility for any aspect of your company that you want to outsource, but it is often related to IT support.  

Take note, an MS is more than just setting up an office for the team that provides you the services you need. It is also about cohesively managing everything and making sure that the team can productively and smoothly carry out their tasks that will help you to achieve your business goals. This offshoring solution can also provide the flexibility that you need to adapt quickly to the always-changing market conditions.

Types of Managed Services You Can Get

Here is a list of some services you can consider when you tap a managed service provider to help you boost your profit. 

a. IT Support

In this technology-focused age, the quality of an IT infrastructure can make or break a business and many small businesses are hopping into this managed services trend, thinking ahead because who knows when these internal attacks and risks will come. You can enjoy a complete IT Department services with the expertise of professionals tasked to deliver and handle the daily internal operations for your business but at a cheaper cost. If you are not into technology, don’t worry because some managed service providers allow clients to outsource all their IT-related matters from hardware installation to software development.

b. Security Services

There are threats everywhere especially across the internet, therefore, you must secure your data. Managed services provider has a team that works with firewalls, virus protection, intrusion detection, patch management, and upgrades security audits. Unlike a traditional IT infrastructure, these providers are monitoring your systems 24/7 and they are always ready to respond to emergencies. 

You can opt to have your security services in-house or remotely but either of the two, providers are interacting with a security expert, who is always ready to react.

c. Website Services

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, you can’t make a profit when your website is not expertly made resulting in various problems like downtime, interface problems, and more. Outsourcing website management services to another company that has experts allows you to remove the burden in maintaining your website in top-notch shape. Besides, when your business grows and expands, you most likely to develop and improve your services including your website. 

Why Look for Managed Services Provider? 

First, your offshore team will have access to a fitted and furnished office space in a conducive business environment. You don’t have to worry about setting up internet connection and other utilities because all these will be included in the occupancy deal. Most managed offices are also equipped with office furniture, conference rooms, pantry, and other areas necessary for the running of the team.

What makes managed services different from other office solutions is the management aspect. The managed service provider handles the administrative tasks that your team may need. These tasks may include reception duties, answering services, customer support, secretarial support, payroll services, and others.

How to Choose a Profitable Industry 1 - Everything You Need to Know About Managed Services


Benefits of Having a Managed Service Provider

  • Saves you money. You don’t have to implement the usual hiring process and give necessary benefits to those who will provide you the services. You don’t have to worry about initial set-up costs either because most managed offices are already set up.
  • Flexible set-up. You can avail of the service on a per-need basis. Although contracts may last for several months, at least it won’t be as permanent as traditional office settings. 
  • Allows productivity. Just like other outsourced services, managed services allows you and your employees to focus on other essential tasks that will benefit business growth. 
  • Efficiency. Running an offshore team means dealing with legalities and restrictions imposed on foreign companies. Availing of managed services does away with all the red tape because everything will be taken care of by the service provider.
  • Reliable business support services. You don’t have to worry about business services that your team might need. Managed service providers can arrange all that for you. They could arrange accounting services, travel arrangements, HR support, and other services you might need.

The rise of managed services seems to be fundamentally driven by the need for flexible and efficient business solutions in a rapidly changing environment. As outsourcing becomes popular, more businesses are seeking ways to maximize this business model, and managed services providers turn out to be a huge help and their offers became the leaner option for companies of all sizes from different industries.


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