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6 SEO Analytics You Need to Understand About Your Business

6 SEO Analytics You Need to Understand About Your Business

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Most businesses can reap the benefits from the services of a reputable digital marketing agency. If you currently have a company, it merely means you are offering a product or service. It is also given that your competitors are also aggressively searching for it.

As a business owner, hiring an SEO can help you ensure that your clients know where to find you. If you haven’t thought of getting an SEO service, then you should start it. Draw your customers and clients towards your business through an effective SEO campaign.

If ever you’ll get the service of an SEO agency, remember that it’s your right to know what you are getting into. You should be expecting monthly reports to justify your investments in their service. 

Admit it. You are busy, and you would want to have quick access to essential data and information about your business. Here is the list of the things that you should ask and expect from your digital marketers, say on a monthly basis.

  • Dashboard for Quick Overview. Ask for an executive summary of their activities and online marketing efforts. A clean dashboard of activities will help you to analyze in a quick view if their campaigns are the right fit for your business or not. 
  • Monthly Growth. This is one of the most critical reports that you need to ask your SEO partner. You can see from this report if their SEO efforts are giving you immediate ROI. Check the report if there is a monthly growth while they are executing their online marketing techniques.
  • Rankings from Priority Keywords. The primary objective of getting an SEO service is to get your business on top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). They will conduct keyword research for your specific niche to identify the keywords that need to be prioritized to achieve faster movement in rankings. You need to ask them to include a report with your keywords and their position in SERP on a monthly basis. The data you will get from here is an indicator of an increase in rankings.
  • List of Competitors and Their Strategies. It is recommended if you will get an SEO service that is also useful in conducting reverse engineering of your competitors. This means that they should give you a complete list of competitors and their strategies. As an SEO agency, they should be able to produce a report of backlinks from your competitor. In this way, they can filter out which will be beneficial to your business.
  • Goals and Plans. You will know that you’ve hired an excellent SEO service if they have goals set for your business using tracking tools like Google Analytics. You need to have shared access to this report to have a tangible measure of SEO traffic your site is creating.
  • High-Quality Backlinks Created. One of the main activities of an SEO agency is link building. It is essential and mandatory in boosting your rankings. Without backlinks, it’s almost impossible for your website to rank. As a business owner, you need to check the link building campaign for your SEO service to ensure that they are only getting high-quality links. These links are dropped in reputable sites like Wikipedia and other Local Business Listings sites.

There are many kinds of data and figures that you will be receiving from your SEO service, but those mentioned above are a few of the most important ones. You might not be familiarized with the SEO technicalities, but getting a simple and insightful report will help you gauge and understand your business’ online visibility and performance.

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