Top SEO Tips for Video Marketing

Top SEO Tips for Video Marketing


Videos are becoming more inevitable in B2B marketing. Businesses and companies that have utilized video marketing are more successful in driving ROI and generating more leads. Aside from this, they get to enjoy more brand awareness among their target audience.

Social media networks play a vital role in expanding the reach of your video content. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are great platforms to upload your videos for visibility purposes. However, remember that prospects there are not yet in buy mode since they are scrolling these platforms.

To reap the SEO advantages of Video Marketing, make sure that your videos are already optimized for search. How will you do that? That’s when you need to apply Video SEO strategies that work. These practices have been long proven to deliver measurable results.

How do Videos Rank in Google?

Generally, Google uses the same ranking factors in content with video search. Google puts into consideration the quality of the video, the number of backlinks, and RankBrain. These are the main signals used by Google to determine if a video is worth ranking for or not. In hosting videos in your site, the procedure in optimizing your video is similar to the optimization needed for content marketing.

Check out these five steps on improving your video search rankings:

Transcriptions of Video Content

Don’t you know that that both transcription and video can provide tremendous benefits to your SEO rankings? It makes the video applicable to all video preferences so that it can appear in different Google searches.

You can optimize this on search just like in other text-based content. Nowadays, people prefer watching videos than reading content. They also do this in their decision making for businesses. Why? It’s because everyone is busy and they cannot allocate too much time reading a lengthy content! Videos run in just couple of minutes while delivering all the messages it need to convey to the target audience.

Opting for full transcriptions offers more SEO benefits. It’s highly suggested to use the preference of your audience when it comes to content. Make use of polling to generate measurable data of their preferences.

Metadata Optimization of Video Content

You need to optimize the titles and descriptions of your video just like what you do in content. Without this display, Google will still find something to display, but views and rankings are much higher if your metadata is optimized. Your video titles and content should meet the following criteria:

  • Encouraging click through
  • Relevant and cohesive with the content
  • Optimized keywords
  • Titles should be 50 characters or less
  • Meta description should be no more than 155 characters

A thumbnail is also displayed by Google for video results. Choose your thumbnails strategy-wise. Create your own customized thumbnail that would show the entirety of your video content.  Make it engaging and enticing to the viewer’s so your click through rate will dramatically improve.

Schema Markup

Many users just use the general search function in conducting searches. Use a schema markup if you want your videos to stand out in general searches. This will provide the information required by searches to retrieve your video’s data.

Add schema markup for your titles and descriptions, including the thumbnails. It is also highly suggested that you include the video length for a complete video description. Remember, Google has a page describing the exact information that will be generated by the schema markup. You may use a tool in validating your schema markup.

Video Sitemap

Enhance your site-hosted video discovery by creating a video sitemap. How will you do this? Submit it to Google Search consoles. You may add your video to an existing sitemap or you can create a new one.

All your entries to the sitemap must contain video description, duration, category, view count, and live status. Other optional fields are also beneficial since it can be used for faster and proper indexing.

High Quality Video

This is probably the most important ranking factor for videos. Make sure that your video is of high quality. Contents of your video should be helpful and create engagement with the audience. If Google determines that people are engaging in your videos, your ranking will benefit from it.

Once you have applied all these ranking factors on your videos, your visibility will increase and your rankings will surely increase. Not sure how to do all of these? Then you can hire a video marketer by availing through outsource services. Invest in people that can help you in achieving success in Google using proven methods.

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