Going after your company’s receivables takes up a lot of patience and work hours. You need to consistently follow up on the collection of past dues and delinquent accounts to ensure the smooth flow of business and improve the revenue cycle.

Online Officer has a team of professional collection agents you can count on for debt recovery and accounts receivable collections. Our collection agents are trained, courteous and professional in all of our transactions, maximising the results while keeping your good reputation in mind.

Our collection agents can help you with:

    • Reaching out to individuals and businesses with overdue accounts
    • Creating payment strategies
      • Credit analysis
    • Managing settlement agreements

What are the advantages of using our Collection Services?


When you avail of our Collection Services, you’re essentially outsourcing the tedious process of pursuing collection on overdue payments and delinquent accounts of your business. The expertise and experience of our Collection Agents exceed what you have in-house so you can expect better results. Our Collection Services improve your chances of getting some of your money back by using proven techniques and systems to guarantee success.

Get Paid

The main benefit of using our Collection Services is that it increases the chances of collecting money due. The consistent pursuit of our Collection Agents lets you get more of your money back and write off less bad debt. According to industry studies, the success rate of using a collection agency to collect payables is 50%, which means you’ll be able to get back at least 50% of your collectibles. That’s definitely better than not being paid at all.


One of the most important factors of debt collection is documentation. Our Collection Agents keep a record of our collection efforts so you can track which methods have been done, in case you want to pursue further. This record includes call logs, mail records, emails, and other contact efforts, as well as the result.

All entries will include comments or input regarding the result of the collection efforts, and if any amounts were collected. By documenting all these efforts, we can easily put together a case file should you decide to pursue legal actions against the other party.

Strategic Focus

Just like other outsourced services, one of the reasons why businesses use a collection agency is so that they can focus on their core business activities. As a business owner, you need to strategically manage your time and resources. With our Collection Agents handling your collections, you can focus more on getting new customers and generating more revenue.

Our collection agents comply with various national and local based laws regarding debt collection, ensuring that ethical standards are maintained during the recovery and collection process. Our agents understand that debt collection is a very sensitive topic and that the reputation of both parties are at stake so we handle every case with a strategic approach.

Send us a message to learn how you can reduce customer delinquency and write-offs with the help of our collection agents.