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Recent survey reveals that customer service and your company’s revenue have direct relations. It shows that consumers are more engaged and interested to avail products and services from small businesses that give them excellent customer service.

However, in today’s business landscape customer service is more than just answering questions or resolving complaints from dissatisfied customers. 

Today, customer service is about building relationships and having loyal followers. It is about knowing your customers, providing what they need, knowing their values, and delivering services that are relevant and helpful for them.

If you want to upgrade your customer service, Online Officer has a team of customer service experts willing to help you handle your company or business’s customer service needs.

Our agents are extensively trained in handling customer relations, resolving disputes, managing complaints, and creating conversations with customers. We can guarantee you top-quality service that will have a positive impact to your business. 


How Online Officer Can Help Your Business Through Customer Service?

Customer service outsourcing is one of the assets of Online Officer. Some reasons why you should choose Online Officer as service providers:

  • Our team of customer service agents provide professional services for businesses all over the world. They are experienced dealing with different nationalities and cultures so they know how to handle and keep a conversation.
  • We provide professional and affordable customer service assistance to a wide variety of clients, from small businesses to startups to government organisations.
  • From the Philippines, we aim to provide businesses across the globe with accessible, reliable, and cost-effective one-stop-shop service for all your customer service needs. 
  • Most of the most in demand outsourced customer service providers are from the Philippines. Fortunately, Online Officer is one of the top companies that is managed and run by Filipinos, thus, you can guarantee top notch service. 
  • With our pool of agents, you can attract new customers and improve relationships with existing customers.
  • Also, you can improve brand reputation and loyalty.
  • Of course, Online Officer can help you on increasing sales and conversion.
  • If you choose to work with us, it will also give you competitive advantage within your industry.

Tasks Under Customer Service Online Officer Provide

Tasks include but not limited to the following:

  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Managing help desk services
  • Manning chat support
  • Replying to email enquiries
  • Providing mobile support
  • Answering queries via social media platforms.

Benefits of Working with Online Officer



Customer service outsourcing especially on the Philippines is relatively less costly than hiring full-time in-house customer service employees. 

Businesses that outsource their customer service can enjoy financial relief in utilization and cost of agent’s pay, office space, and others. Plus, customer service providers also offer flexible and affordable staffing options, as well as service structure that charges per hour or per resolution.

Longer Service Coverage

Third-party customer service providers usually operate within the clients business hours, but some including Online Officer can cover after-hours or even weekend schedules so someone can cover for you and answer customer-related queries.

This can leave a good impression to your customers because they know your business can be reliable anytime of the day. 

More Language Options

It can be hard to deal with customers whose native language is not English. But if you outsource your customer service, you will be able to broaden your customer base by adding more language options.

Having a pool of customer service agents that can speak or understand different languages allows you to communicate with your customers using their native language better.

Just make sure to advertise this benefit so your customers will know about it.

Less Worries

Dealing with customers, particularly angry customers, can be stressful and intimidating. Not only for you but for your staff as well.

Outsourcing this task will allow you to focus on running your business and free you from resolving complaints and requests. 

Outsourcing customer service takes all the hassle from your shoulders. Customer service providers are trained from years of experience in dealing with disputes, complaints and inquiries from customers, so you don’t have to worry.

Shorter Response Time

More hands on deck means faster response times.

Most customerers especially those who often purchase online want a more instant or quicker response time.

Having an outsourced customer service team, your customers don’t have to wait too long over the phone or wait for a few days to get an email about their concerns. 

Also, the team can quickly address issues that need to be resolved immediately, preventing the problem from escalating. Faster response time also drives customer satisfaction and minimizes bad reviews online.

Customer satisfaction will result to repeat purchase meaning more sales. 

Choose Online Officer Outsourcing Services

These are easy steps on how you can enjoy our outsourced customer services:

Step 1: Meet With The Team

Meet with the team to identify staffing requirements such as tasks, skills, schedule work hours, number of staff, etc. 

From here, you will know what is the recommended set-up for your business. Online Officer will design a system that fits your business type and size. 

Step 2: Get A Free Quote

Online Officer offers a free quote based on your initial requirements. Working with a professional and trained customer service agent from Online Officer will only cost you at least $9 per hour of service.

However, the cost may vary depending on the types and level of expertise you prefer for your business. 

  • Junior Customer Service Agent – Starting at $8 per hour
  • Senior Customer Service Agent – As low as $10 per hour
  • Managerial Level Agent – As low as $14 per hour

Step 3: Finalize Contract Agreement

Similar to any business agreement, all the rules and regulations, limitations, and alike will be discussed making sure that everything is favourable for both parties. 

Step 4: Start Working With Online Officer

The team will provide you with staff details for daily communication and work monitoring tools. 

You can monitor the progress of the team and everyday workload through timekeeping software, emails, Skype, WhatsApp, system log in access, etc.

Also, you can provide our agents with access to your social media pages or websites of you have any, so they can monitor your customer interaction.

From there, you can reap all the benefits you can get from outsourced accounting and finance services. 

Online Officer is open every day to assist with your outsourcing needs. Send us a message to discuss your accounting and bookkeeping needs so we can help you make the best financial decisions.

To know more about our services and virtual staffing, you can check out our list of FAQs here

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