Outsourcing Data Entry Services to Philippines

When a business grows, the amount of data that it handles also adds up, therefore, sometimes the important ones get overlook. 

Data management is part of every business. As the owner, you have to make sure that you have timely and accurate data. These updates help you in making more informed decisions and add to the creative process of making marketing strategies.

However, as mentioned, the amount of data you handle also doubles as your business grows. Gathering and inputting large volumes of information is a real hassle. It is time-consuming and robs you precious resources better utilised in other aspects of your business.

Therefore, outsourcing data entry services has become a trend across all businesses. 

Why Outsource Data Entry Services From Online Officer?

Outsourced data entry services is just one of the tasks that you can entrust to Online Officer. It is often a tedious task that covers a lot of time. Here are just a reasons why Online Officer is the best data entry outsourcing company you can go to:

  • Online Officer can help you deal with all your data needs so you can keep your employees focused on more important tasks.
  • We have a pool of data entry specialists, project managers, and programmers, allowing us to provide a different approach to digital document processing.
  • You can still oversee the process and have timely updates. You have the option of being keyed directly into your system or you want to develop a data solution via our network. 
  • We have a data entry team that has the expertise, experience, and skills to deliver what you need.
  • We value accuracy, timeliness, and most especially your data security.

Several Data Entry Services Online Officer Offers

Online Officer data entry services cover a wide range of industry-based tasks. Here are some of the services we offer. Note that these are just initial tasks, you can still suggest or discuss other data entry related tasks within your industry of business. 

  • Data Entry (Digital or Manual)
  • Data Extraction, Tabulation, and Analysis
  • Scanning
  • PDF or other file conversions
  • Email mining or list-making
  • Internet research
  • Real estate data entry
  • Clinical and medical billing
  • Form filling (bank, invoice, insurance, survey)
  • Product data entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Logistics data entry
  • Document Management
  • Records indexing

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Save Funds from Everyday Operations

Data entry usually needs a large workforce and a large workspace. Both resources can be expensive. When you outsource your data entry work, you no longer have to invest in infrastructure needs and you can hire fewer people.

Efficient and Productive Data Management

Online Officer data entry outsourcing team will be working on these tasks, you don’t have to worry handling large volumes of work and information that goes in and out of your business everyday. Third-party outsourcing providers, like us, have their own system on storing, managing, and processing your data across multiple platforms. Your data then becomes indexed, useful, and readily available for analysis in a systematic way.

Quick Turnaround Time

Outsourced data entry specialists are trained to complete data entry work in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Plus, they have access to tools, systems, and technology. 

These reasons make all the work a lot faster without compromising the accuracy and quality of work.  

Best Quality of Work and Reports

Our data entry specialists are experienced and trained at what they do so you don’t have to worry about leaving your data entry work in their hands.

We can guarantee that you will be leaving pieces of information to people who are professional and have worked on thousands of data entry assignments before. They are equipped with the best practices and processes that should be followed to minimize errors and achieve the best results.

Secured Data

Online privacy is a big issue right now. Our pool of data entry specialists understand the importance of data protection that’s why rules and measures are implemented to safeguard the security of your data.

Also, we only use reliable software and the latest data security tools to ensure that no information gets leaked out during the data entry process.

Choose Online Officer Outsourcing Services

These are easy steps on how you can enjoy our accounting and finance services:

Step 1: Meet With The Team

Meet with the team to identify staffing requirements such as the amount of data our specialists will cover for you as well as the particular skills needed for your industry, work hours schedule, number of staff, etc. 

From here, you will know what is the recommended set-up for your business. Online Officer will design a system that fits your business type and size. 

Step 2: Get A Free Quote

Online Officer offers a free quote based on your initial requirements. Working with a Data Entry Specialist from Online Officer will only give you quality work for a lower cost.

However, the cost may vary depending on the types and level of expertise you prefer for your business. 

  • Junior Data Entry Specialist- Starting at $8 per hour
  • Senior Data Entry Specialist – As low as $10 per hour
  • Managerial Level – As low as $14 per hour
  • Certified Bookkeeper (for Accounting and Finance Related Data) – Starting at $9 per hour

Step 3: Finalize Contract Agreement

Similar to any business agreement, all the rules and regulations, limitations, and alike will be discussed making sure that everything is favourable for both parties. 

You can also discuss what are the systems and processes Online Officer will put into your business. With this, there will be more transparency. 

Step 4: Start Working With Online Officer

The team will provide you with staff details for daily communication and work monitoring tools. You can monitor the progress of the team and everyday workload through timekeeping software, emails, Skype, WhatsApp, system log in access, etc.

From there, you can reap all the benefits you can get from outsourced data entry services. 

Online Officer is open every day to assist with your data entry outsourcing needs. 

Send us a message to discuss your data entry as well as other outsourcing needs so we can help you make the best decision for your business growth.

To know more about our services and virtual staffing, you can check out our list of FAQs here

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