Outsourcing Lead Generation Services to Philippines

The digital marketing industry is a fast-paced environment. As an entrepreneur, you must always be up to date and be ahead of your competitors. One addition to your campaign is lead generation.

 If you are planning to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business, including lead generation efforts will give you advantages.

What is lead generation? It is a process where you as a business owner initiates the consumer interest to check out your products and services. 

Fortunately, Online Officer, lead generation company offers services that can help you and your business in another way that might be overlooked by other businesses. 

lead generation - Outsourcing Lead Generation Services to Philippines

Importance of Lead Generation Services

As mentioned, lead generation is often overlooked or neglected by some business owners, however, this marketing effort is another cost-effective and faster way of establishing your brand to your target consumer.

This is one of the specialised marketing efforts, you deliver your brand message to your market through a variety of channels by creating a strategy uniquely for them.

Online Officer treats this task as a way to personally approach prospects and existing consumers without setting up a booth or investing your money on trade shows.

However, lead generation is a lengthy task. This is where our services can be handy. Some of the tasks are acquiring sales or marketing leads up, and qualifying and nurturing these leads. 

In reality, the process isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

If lead generation sounds foreign to you, our experts can work with you on this process and could cater to different types of businesses. 

What Does an Online Officer Lead Generation Specialist Do?

  • Our lead generation specialists have relevant skill sets and can organise effective systems to manage your business’ leads and get your targeted results. 

It was explained that this is not a straightforward approach to marketing, thus, expertise and experience are very essential for this job. 

  • We are a one-stop-shop. If you are interested but have limited resources, our pool of experts can design a lead generation strategy for you. 
  • We customise the strategies depending on your business needs and who your target market is. 
  • Online Officer lead generation specialists will communicate with you and guarantee timely updates regarding the campaign. You will never have to worry about the internat progress of your marketing efforts. 
  • Our lead generation specialists can help trim down your cost-per-sale and boost your conversion in the process

Lead Generation Services Offered by Online Officer

LinkedIn Prospecting

If you know how to do it right, LinkedIn is one of the best tools for relationship building and lead generation. 

Fortunately, we are here to guide you with the ins and outs of this platform, therefore, you can maximise your stay and effort to sign up. 

With more than 612 million users from 200 countries across the globe, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for professional networking. It homes a huge pool of quality and high-converting leads because most of the business owners and decision-makers are present on LinkedIn

You can use the platform to reach out to CEOs, managers, directors, owners, supervisors, and other key personnel that are otherwise protected by gatekeepers.

Email Campaigns

A lot of people think that email marketing is dead. Well, FYI, it is still essential especially if you are planning to venture on lead generation. For marketers, email marketing campaign is still one of the most direct ways of reaching out to customers.

Using email is one of the most cost-effective lead generation tools. It is fast, easy, and accessible. Email generates $38 for every $1 spent – that’s 3,800% ROI!


The most direct way of communicating with potential customers is by speaking with them personally through the phone. You’ll be able to send out your message and you can get a response immediately.

However, this also has a downside. This strategy requires a lot of man-hours (and Online Officer can help you!). You need someone to regularly call up the list, follow up on customers, and update the database all the time. If you need help, you can always hire a virtual assistant to help you out.

Appointment Setting

Calling up prospects and setting up appointments can be time-consuming. Online Officer can help you deliver what your business needs: qualified sales leads and appointments.

Whether you need customer acquisition, data profiling, lead qualification, or event marketing, our team can help you exceed your target sales and gain new customers.

CRM Management

Proper management of your CRM database can help you make an informed and data-backed decision that will help grow your business. Whether you need to organize CRM entries, update with new information, or add new entries, we can help you keep your database a great asset.

Market Research

Knowing the latest industry trends and learning about what your competitors are doing can provide the necessary information. This lead generation service can help you create a better business plan or develop your existing strategic business decisions.

Choose Online Officer Outsourcing Services

These are easy steps on how you can enjoy our accounting and finance services:

Step 1: Meet With The Team

Meet with the team to identify staffing requirements such as tasks based on the lead generation campaign aligned with your existing digital marketing efforts. 

Moreover, you need to discuss the specific skills you need, schedule work hours, number of staff, etc. 

From here, you will know what is the recommended design of lead generation services for your business.

Online Officer will design a system that fits your business type and size. 

Step 2: Get A Free Quote

Online Officer offers a free quote based on your initial requirements. Working with a lead generation specialists or virtual assistant from Online Officer will only cost you a few bucks without compromising the services. 

However, just like any other service providers, the cost may vary depending on the types and level of expertise you prefer for your business. 

  • Junior VA – Starting at $8 per hour
  • Senior VA – As low as $10 per hour
  • Managerial Level VA – As low as $14 per hour
  • Over all Lead Generation Specialist – Starts at $9 per hour

Step 3: Finalize Contract Agreement

Similar to any business agreement, all the rules and regulations, limitations, and alike will be discussed making sure that everything is favourable for both parties. 

Make sure to discuss every condition or any possible conflicts before committing with our best quality services.

Step 4: Start Working With Online Officer

The team will provide you with staff details for daily communication and work monitoring tools. 

You can monitor the progress of the team and everyday workload through timekeeping software, emails, Skype, WhatsApp, system log in access, etc.

From there, you can reap all the benefits including regular updates, you can get from outsourced lead generation services. 

Online Officer is open every day to assist with your outsourcing needs. 

If you are already considering outsourcing your lead generation team, send us a message to find out how our lead generation assistants can help you reach out to a bigger, more targeted market and how we can help your business combat possible hurdles in the future. 

 Furthermore, you can also discuss with us your digital marketing plans and other outsourcing needs so we can help you make the most out of your money.

To know more about our services and virtual staffing, you can check out our list of FAQs here

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