Managing your offsite team can be complicated because of foreign regulations, lack of access to resources and information, and lack of manpower.

Online Officer can help you manage your offsite team or office for you for a minimal administrative fee. We’ll handle the day-to-day management of your operations to ensure agility and scalability of your business. We’ll take care of all the administrative tasks — from recruitment to payroll processing to monitoring.

Whether you need one-man team or a big team, our managed services allow your offshore team to function smoothly and efficiently without you having to worry about the little details. We can set up your team in an open office space or your own dedicated space, depending on your requirements.

Here are some of the benefits of managed services:

    • Reduced overhead cost
    • Improved efficiency
    • Hassle-free offsite business operations
    • Work around legalities and regulations
  • Full office set up and amenities

Online Officer can also help set you up with a seat lease provider for your team.

Send us a message to discuss your requirements and figure out the best solution for your business.