Social media is a rapidly evolving landscape, making it difficult for businesses to cope with the ever-changing industry trends. Social media has developed from being an option to becoming a necessity.

There are 3.03 billion active social media users, and 29% of these users use social media to research and find products to buy.

So if your business is not on social media, you’re missing out on millions of potential customers.

However, social media marketing can be time-consuming, especially if you’re already short on staff. You need someone to create content, publish posts, monitor engagement, create conversation, run ads, manage analytics, and analyse reports.

Online Officer helps you build a solid social presence and use social media to drive conversion, even without your own social media team. We help deliver high-impact and cost-effective social media campaigns, convert social media engagement into measurable business results, and measure your ROI beyond likes and comments.

Our social media specialists can help your business be seen, engage and convert.

Online Officer can help you with:

    • Drafting a social media strategy tailored to your goals.
    • Monitor social listening when people talk about your brand.
    • Manage your social campaigns with properly structured analytics.
    • Manage your social media pages to boost search visibility.
    • Increase sales and conversions via social media advertising.
  • Manage and grow your community.

Online Officer can help your business save more time while generating more results for your social media efforts.

Why do you need social media marketing for your business?

There are more than 80 million businesses on Facebook right now. It’s the same situation for all social media channels right now. Brands have long realised the marketing power of social media and have been maximising its benefits for their businesses. If you’re still on the fence about social media marketing, you’re probably losing out on millions of potential customers and would-be sales.

Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses:

Boost brand awareness. With half of the world’s population already on social media, there’s no better place to reach new and targeted potential customers than Facebook and other social media channels.

  1. Humanise your brand. Social media marketing helps reveal the human side of your business. According to studies, customers don’t trust a brand until they see real human connection.
  2. Increase web traffic. Social media posts are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Sharing posts from your blog is the fastest way to get readers.
  3. Generate leads. Through social media ads, you can easily target potential leads in a cost-efficient and highly effective manner. Many social networks now offer advertising formats designed to generate leads.
  4. Customer and audience engagement. Customers are the heart of your business and social media provides a great opportunity for you to interact directly with them. They can also provide insights, feedback, comments, and reviews about your brand.
  5. Improve customer service. With the popularity of social media, customers now expect businesses to provide real-time customer service and support through their brand’s social media accounts. Brands that don’t meet these expectations suffer damage to their bottom line.
  6. Targeted ads. One of the great benefits of social media is being able to create ads that target the right audience. It also offers an affordable way to promote your business while making the most out of your budget. Plus, it is easier to monitor your ad’s ROI compared to traditional advertising.
  7. Powerful reporting and analytics. Measuring ROI is always a challenge in marketing. But with social media’s tracking and analytics tools, you can quickly see the impact of your social media efforts, in real time.

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