Why Do You Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Business?

Why Do You Need To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Business?

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Are you a start-up owner? Most probably you are still managing most of the tasks for your business. But, don’t you have any plans for expanding your business soon? If you do, who would take these responsibilities from you? 

Maybe right now, you are still thinking if you can do everything on your own. Or you already need help, however, you don’t know how you will pay the costs of hiring a new assistant. 

You will never miss opportunities for business growth if you hire a virtual assistant. 

Did you notice that when you are trying to do everything on your own it has a huge impact on your productivity, stress level, and overall health? But if you have a virtual assistant, the load for you will be lessened and you can focus more on the more important tasks. 

Moreover, most virtual assistants have multiple skills that can help you with your business. Aside from that, you will not invest a lot of money for their services because it is on a remote set-up. 

Benefits of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing is a common trend today, but most business owners think that this particular outsourced service can only be enjoyed by big companies. That’s a huge misconception. There are many different types of virtual assistants offering various services. Depending on what services you need, there’s definitely someone out there who has the skills that match your business needs.

Here are some benefits you probably don’t know about virtual assistant services: 

  • VAs can make your life easier. This is the number one reason why business owners hire virtual assistants. Most clients that work with VAs agree that VAs bring a sense of peace and organization to their lives and in their businesses. VAs take most of the burden off your shoulders so that you can dedicate more time to core processes to grow your business.

Many businesses fail due to lack of organization and sometimes owners overlook some of the most important tasks. Having a VA on board will enhance the organization within your business. 

You will never have to worry that you might miss another meeting with a client, or paying and updating your finances. VAs got you covered. Virtual assistants can also give you updates on what is happening within your business, from project management to financial statements.

VAs will allow you to breathe and think on how you can improve your business. 

  • VAs are cheaper to hire than in-house employees. Another major advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is the lower cost. Similar to other outsourced services, VAs can also be project-based depending on your budget. 

Compared to regular employees, you are not required to provide benefits, invest in office equipment, or give paid training and bonuses to VAs. You also save money on taxes when hiring VAs instead of a full-time employee. This set up is beneficial for small business owners or startups with limited capital.

VAs are onboard just to provide you with services you need at the moment, therefore, you save money which you can use on other business investments without compromising your work operations and the quality of your outputs. 

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  • VAs are more productive than their office counterparts. There are few studies that claim that more than 90% of remote workers feel that they are more productive when working at home because there are no distractions and they have better control of their time. Another study by Harvard Business Review showed that home-based call center VAs made 13.5% more calls than those who worked in an office.
  • You get quality work done, on time and within your budget. Some business owners are scared of handing over their tasks to virtual assistants because of quality concerns. But not because it is cheaper, you have to compromise. 

To avoid these issues regarding the quality of outputs, make sure to choose your virtual assistant, communicate your requirements clearly, and provide guidance in the first few weeks, even if you’re working with an experienced virtual assistant.

Another thing to be assured with the quality of service, you can always seek for virtual assistant outsourcing agencies. These agencies make sure they only hire the best professionals, therefore, you are guaranteed that you get what you pay for. 

  • Get the expertise you need. It was stated that you can assign the tasks where you need assistance. You don’t need to give VAs everything. So when you are looking for a VA, you must know what tasks you are willing to hand over and look for a VA that has expertise or actual experience doing it. 

For example, you want someone who can help you with your digital marketing campaign. Therefore, you need someone who has actual experience working with these types of campaigns. They can also provide you with some ideas and tips that you can use even though they are not working with you anymore. 

  • Be available 24/7. If you are present online and you cater to a wider audience, most probably you get non-stop queries about your products and services. Having several VAs will allow you to be operational 24/7. They can help you answer urgent matters from customers, engage with them through social media, and simply watch for any queries that might come up when you are not around.

If you are still doubting with the idea, try to look at your competitor or ask your colleagues most probably they also have their own VAs, so what’s holding you back? According to recent statistics, it is estimated that 1.8 billion people will be working with virtual assistants all over the world by 2021. In 2019, the virtual digital assistant market worldwide is at 8.56 billion dollars.


Hiring a virtual assistant is no easy feat. You need to screen each applicant thoroughly. Create a checklist on how you will conduct the hiring process for your next VA. You must only choose the one that you think is best for you, conduct pieces of training, and then explain the tasks. But once you have everything set up, you’ll thank yourself for making the smart decision to hire a virtual assistant. 

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