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Remote working, digital marketing, lead generation, and all business topics that Online Officer covers in our blog. There is too much to write about, especially with the dynamic landscape of the business world. New strategies are introduced regularly, new developments occur, and changes in various industries is a constant. Online Officer strives to provide the latest and most relevant articles for business startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees alike. We provide news, tutorials, roundups, articles, online guides, product reviews, and features that would help businesses operate more efficiently.

But we understand that we can only cover so much topic. So we are welcoming experts and authors to contribute their thoughts, tips, tricks, and solutions to topics that we are not able to cover. Our articles revolve mainly around:

  • Virtual Assistance
  • Remote Working
  • Australian Taxation Laws
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Managed Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Concierge
  • Collection

Types of Articles We Accept

Articles should be around 1,000-1,500 words in length to ensure that you’ll be able to explain your topic sufficiently. We accept the following types of articles:

  • Latest news – Articles discussing the most relevant events, changes, or developments in the business world.
  • Tutorials – How-to articles that provide step-by-step guidance on the latest regulations, tools, or trends that affect businesses and employees.
  • Ultimate guide – Long-form articles that provide a deeper discussion of the topics above.
  • Roundups – Articles that list down the most helpful tips or tools for the trade.

Who Do We Write For?

Online Officer writes for a targeted audience, composed mainly of business owners, entrepreneurs, operation managers, startups, individuals planning to put up a business, remote employers, and remote employees. Your article should be able to clearly convey the message to this set of readers. If you’re talking about technical topics, explain them in layman’s term so that our readers will be able to understand them. Make sure that your articles are meaty, relevant, and easy to digest.

What We Need From You

If you decide to write for Online Officer, these are things that we will need from you:

  • A relevant topic approved by the editor of Online Officer, complete with outline of the article. 
  • An article written about the approved topic, minimum of 600 words. Break up your text in bullets or numbers list to make for easier reading.
  • Check your article for grammar errors. We use Grammarly for checking ours.
  • The article must be original and has not been published somewhere else. You also can’t publish on your blog after it has been published here.
  • Check for plagiarism.
  • Provide an author’s short bio, complete with website link, social media profiles, and a headshot.

Once you’ve submitted the article, it will be reviewed by the editors and might be sent back if there are major revisions. If the article is good, it might be published after 3 to 4 days. If your article is time-sensitive, you need to communicate this with the editor at the get-go so we can publish your article on time.

What You Will Get From Us

We believe that there is no such thing as free lunch, so don’t worry because we’ll give you something in return:

  • One dofollow link in the body of the article, all other articles will be nofollow.
  • A byline with a link to your website, social media profiles, or personal blog so that our readers will be able to read more about your work.
  • Assistance from our editors in drafting and polishing your article.
  • Reach more audience as we share your article on our social media channels.

How to Reach Us

Seems that you are interested to write for us.

Online Officer appreciates your interest and we like to know more about you and your work. Fill out our Guest Posting Request form below. Make sure to complete all the required information for faster and more efficient communication. 

We recommend that you send at least 2 to 3 topics so we don’t have to go back and forth with approval. We’ll choose from your recommended list the topic we think best fits our requirements or suggest new ones that you can work on.

If you have written a draft of your article, you can also send it to us in Google Doc, and we’ll be happy to review it for you. You can place the link to the form after this statement.

Also, if you need help with the writing, you can send our editor a message using the form and we’ll be glad to guide you through the process. We’ll be waiting for your articles on Online Officer!

Guest Posting Request

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